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We are Datasance, and the provider of enterprise open source distributed Edge Intelligence platform. By leveraging the power of open source communities, we help enterprises to build an infrastructure for transition from Internet of Things to Intelligence of Everything.

We are now and always be Open Source

With the internet revolution, the journey of turning data into intelligence has been experienced. This was how we describe digitalization at that time. It helped us to realized the fact that we can create more valuable decisions with a minimum risks, and resources can be consumed efficiently. But right now, in an industrial internet era, we don't just want to turn data into intelligence, we want to turn all of our physical assets into an intelligent machines for the autonomy, and consume minimum resources for the best value. This trend increase the scale and coverage of digital intelligence. As our physical assets are heterogeneous, it makes creating an intelligent machine ecosystem is too complex. To make Intelligence development more agile and easy, enterprises need to abstracts the complexities of both asset management, networking and hardware dependencies away from the intelligence applications.
The only way to cope with it, is to bring intelligence function and services to the Edge.

The intelligence edge is proving to be the last mile in the convergence of the digital and physical worlds.

Kevin Scott

– CTO, Microsoft

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