Can Digital Technology help us to be on target?

According to Technological Transformation report published by World Economic Forum, digital technology can cut global emissions by 15%.

The new IIoT era brings a new challenge

The scale and coverage of digital intelligence is increasing as enterprises would like to turn their physical assets into intelligent machines. But physical assets are heterogeneous, and it makes building an intelligent machine ecosystem complex. To make Intelligence development more secure and agile, enterprises need to abstracts the complexities of both asset management, networking and hardware dependencies away from the intelligence applications.

Cloud centric is not
Intelligence centric

Cloud brings lots of improvement for managing datacenter operations, and developing software. However, modern Artificial Intelligence use cases requires sub-millisecond latencies which could not be provided by just-Cloud approach. That is the reason why Edge is the mega trend and building proper Edge infrasture is the first thing inside technology leaders agenda.

Pros of Cloud

Homogeneous HW environment, Unlimited compute resource, Ability to collect data, Asset management with Digital Twins

Bottlenecks of Cloud

Latency,Requires high bandwidth, Can not tolerate network loss, Decreasing process success rate, Less anomaly detection , Losing location and context awareness, Regulatory restrictions

Cons of Cloud

Lack of Edge-native security, Lack of Agile decision deployment to the Edge, Lack of HW utilization on the Edge, Operational Costs

Platform of EveryThing

Datasance PoT is the Open Source Distributed Edge Intelligence Platform. PoT brings all the advantages and intelligence functions of Cloud Computing to the locations where data is generated.

Core Concept

By leveraging the potential of Eclipse Foundation Open Source projects, PoT provides true Edge connectivity, and brings Cloud Computing functionalities on to any device with a compute resource. By distributing the intelligence microservices on your Edge devices, PoT enables machine-to-machine autonomous decisions.

Container Management on Edge Devices

PoT is based on Eclipse IoFog. By abstracting the Edge HW resources, and with the zero-trust approach, PoT provides true Edge Native security, and Cloud Native development functionalities for Edge devices. So you can start to manage, build, and run container based intelligence and analytic microservices at the points where data is generated.

Fog Computing Services

Fog Computing is the state-of-the art approach for building true P2P connectivity on Edge Layer. The aim is to extend Cloud Computing capabilities, and bring compute, storage, network, control and decision mechanisms to the Edge Layer for building distributed autonomous Edge-to-Edge decision making.

Uniformly collect data from low power devices near Edge HW

PoT uses the power of Eclipse Hono to enable gateway functions on the Edge devices. You can collect protocol agnostic data from different types of low power sensor devices.

Digital Twin

Digital Twins (DT) are the digital representation of physical assets. DTs abstract the complexities of assets management, and help you to build interoperable ecosystem. With PoT, you can build DTs on the Edge.

Don't worry when managing thousands of Edge devices

When it comes to Edge, you need to manage thousands of heterogeneous HW resource. With Pot, you can manage thousands of Edge devices, and microservices from a single management UI

Industrial Use Cases:

Datasance PoT, can be everywhere that data is generated and operational is crucial. Discover some example use cases.

Smart City

Have to build digital service points where the physical services meet with the shareholders of city.

With Datasance PoT, you can build an infrastructure for real-time autonomous traffic signal management on the intersections, and intelligent public busses and connected public transportation.

5G Base Stations

Top challenges: Implement new 5G radio base stations and turn physical network functions into virtual network functions(VNFs)

With PoT you can deploy VNFs as a container(CNF) on stand alone base stations, also you can deploy predictive maintenance algorithms on base stations to monitor real-time health status of base station, and interfere before break happens.


Take control over your manufacturing shopfloor

The production process mostly includes multiple machines and what happens in particular one machine is result of both what happens inside that machine and what happened form previous machines on the flow. So with Datasance PoT, you can build a distributed machine infrastructure for real-time traceability of process, or implement computer vision and error prevention algorithm or predictive maintenance for each machines.


Picking represent 60% cost of warehouse, you do not have an option for wrong picking

Build a real-time traceability for distribution centers.

Your pickers can decide the most suitable routes for batch picking, and warn operator in the case of wrong picking. Also implement pick2light approach to your picking locations, and create P2P autonomous decisions between picker and locations. Integration with smart gloves  to maximize operator efficiency.

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